Outdoor Learning

Here at St. John Fisher we are committed to improving the health and well-being of our school community. We believe that the benefits of outdoor learning can support this mission. We want our children to go outside, get active and build a relationship with the environment.

Through half termly whole school competitions and regular outdoor homework, we are encouraging children and families to spend more time outside.

Teaching staff have taken part in Professional Development Courses to enhance their own practice. Throughout the Key Stages, children take part in lessons from across the curriculum in our outdoor spaces.

BeWilder Education is supporting our mission by providing Forest School sessions for each year group, each term.  

Despite being at the beginning of our journey, we have already achieved so much. Over the following weeks, please follow our updates to see what is happening out doors at St. John Fisher!


For more information on our inspiration, please watch:

 Project Wild Thing 

For a snap shot, please see this short video 


Out Door Competitions and whole school homework

As part of our drive to improve health and well-being, we are encouraging children and families to spend more time outside. Each half term there will be Outdoor homework for families to complete together!



Spring Science Week

Emma from BeWilder Education worked with the children outside investigate a range of Scientific concepts and topics! 

Nursery- Year 1 explored birds, their calling sounds and their nests! They even built a giant nest for the whole class to sit in!

 Year 2 explored materials and tested whether they would float or sink.

Year 3 & 4 investigated catapults- and had fun aiming tin foil balls at the teacher!

Year 5  & 6 explored the Space. They recreated the solar system, measuring distances  between planets as well as choosing appropriately sized models to reflect the planet size!



Nurture Groups

Over the next term, children will be working with their teachers and Emma, from BeWilder Ed, in small groups.  The intent of these small focused groups is to develop confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired, hands-on experiences in a natural setting. Whilst linking with the curriculum, children will have to problem solve and work together to complete activities using their own success criteria.  Restoring and developing children's well- being is at the forefront of our Out-Door learning  initiatives.